Specialized Pet Sitting Services You Can Rely On

Cat Sitting

Cats require attention while you’re gone too! Morning, afternoon and evening pet sits are available.

Cost $25.00 per visit (home and plant care provided FREE of charge with pet care)

As you know, your cat will adjust better to your absence and experience less anxiety and stress when they are in their home environment. They like being surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and scents. If your pet is playful we will play with them, if they prefer snuggles and belly rubs, that’s what we’ll do. Even if they would prefer to hide under the bed until we leave, we will leave them alone, but we will peak to ensure those little eyes are looking back and that they are ok. Your pets will remain in their own familiar surroundings stay on their own diet and have someone to reassure, love, and play with them while you are away.

Daily updates on your pet(s) are welcomed and encouraged! They can be made by phone, text or email.

You don’t have to be going on a holiday or business trip to use our services. We have done litter scooping for pregnant women, seniors who can’t bend down that far, people recovering from surgeries, or if you just need a little extra hand when life gets busy.

  • All about ME!
  • Stay in familiar environment reducing separation anxiety, Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.
  • Reduces stress which reduces illness and injury.
  • Not exposed to other pets that may have health issues.
  • One on one play and snuggle time.
  • They can nap in their own special places.
  • Loads of affection, personalized companionship, play and tummy rubs.
  • You don’t have to drop your cat off wondering if they will adjust to the new environment.
  • You don’t have to wait to pick them up the next day, they will be waiting for you when you get home.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your home is being checked while you are away.
  • You don’t have to worry about them not getting along with other animals.
  • No imposition on friends or neighbours.
  • Can be more economical than kenneling.
  • Happier, healthier, better adjusted pets.
  • Even if you just need one visit while you are away on a family outing, we will give your pet the same love, care and devotion as we do a client going on a 2 week vacation

1 Pet Visit per day

(Free Home and plant service included)

Starting at
$25 /day
Mileage fee may apply outside city limits.

2 Pet Visits per day

(Free Home and plant service included)

Starting at
$45 /day
Mileage fee may apply outside city limits.

Pet Sitting the “Other” Pets

We are happy to take care of your other pets as well. We’ve met many different creatures along the way, and are happy to care for your fish, birds, rodents or reptiles.

Dog Sitting

Dogs need the time out, and we want to make sure that not only is your time away stress free without worrying about your dog, but also want your dog to be stress free and not having to “hold it” for an extended period of time.

With our dog sitting service your dog will get the care and attention it deserves one on one in their own environment. They get a relaxing walk in their own neighborhood and get to sleep in their own house. Although your dog is the number one priority we also check on your house, switch lights, clear snow and ice and make sure all is secure.

This includes

  • Walk or play time.
  • Companionship and feeding if required.

We also check on your house and ensure all is in order. This service if for the family that is away or working during the day or night, and needs their dog let out and house checked on.

This includes
  • 3 visits per day morning, afternoon and night.
  • Each visit includes a walk and play time.
  • Including playing fetch if that’s what they like to do
We will feed your dog, spend time with them, give them affection, and look after your house at the same time. We will also give you a daily update via text or email (photo’s included if you would like) so you will be at ease knowing your dog is in good hands while you are away.

*Overnight stays with your pet in their own home are available. We believe your dog is most comfortable at home with its own toys, getting one on one play time. We give medication and abide by the feeding schedule that you provide.


1 Pet Visit per day

Pop in Dog Visits
Up to two Dogs

Starting at
$35 /day
Mileage fee may apply outside city limits.

3 Pet Visits per day

Extended Dog Care
Up to two Dogs

Starting at
$90 /day
(Each additional dog is $10 per visit)
Mileage fee may apply outside city limits.

Overnight Sitting

(All House sitting services included)

Starting at
$100 /a night
Mileage fee may apply outside city limits.