Kawartha House Sitters,
"Trusted Care When You're Not there"
Kawartha Pet Sitters,
"Trusted Care When You're Not there"
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Welcome To Kawartha House Sitters

Kawartha House Sitters, “Trusted Care When You’re Not There” Serving families in Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes, and Peterborough area. We offer professional house and small pet sitting and are the answer for

  • vacationing families
  • frequent travelers
  • un-planned emergencies
  • irregular and long work hours
  • snowbirds and cottage owners

We are family operated, with over 25 years of law enforcement and emergency services experience. We are pet and homeowners as well. It’s difficult we know to find someone you can trust to look after your home and small pet. Even if you don’t have a pet or if your pet is lucky enough to travel with you it is important that your home is checked, and we can provide you with this service without you feeling like you are imposing on friends and family and giving you the peace of mind that your home is being supervised and well cared for just the way you want. Kawartha House Sitters will also check your home if you have sold it and it will sit empty until your closing date. Check with your insurance to see how many visits are required.

How Does it Work

First we set up a time that works best for you to meet, get to know you and your pets. We go over everything in detail when we meet for our free consultation to find out everything we can about your pets, likes, fears, eating habits, strange but cute quirks and routine so we are able to step in and make sure they get the best care when you are not there. We will complete all the paper work (paperwork and authorization can be provide prior) tour the interior and exterior and obtain a key. We can come on a daily basis or every other day.

Why Us?

Here at Kawartha House Sitters, we tailor our services for each client ensuring that we understand your individual needs. We strive to build long lasting, trusting relationships with you based on the following values:


Intelligent, efficient processes and employees that get it done right the first time.


We ensure that sensitive information is always protected and kept strictly private.


Trustworthy employees that take security and discretion seriously. All of our employees have had background checks conducted and have signed confidentiality agreements.


Open, timely and clear contact to keep you informed so there are no surprises.